Best adventure activities to do in wayanad

For trekkers, Chembra top in Wayanad is a perfect goal. Go for waterway trail through the Kabani River or trek to Edakkal holes with their captivating rock carvings, go for a flavour visit and watch the extends of cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, ginger and vanilla manors.

Wayanad is a shrouded villa and a pearl for nature sweethearts. Enterprise lovers can enjoy exercises like outdoors, waterway crossing, bouncing, commando strolling, zip line and mountain biking. Enjoy bamboo boating in Kuruva Island; investigate the wild of Wayanad at Tholpetty and Muthanga.


Roll over to the charming tea patio nurseries of Pozhuthana, some of which are the most established ranches in Wayanad, and pressed between fog clad mountains, miles of tea-covered inclines and a winding stream. The day will begin with a climb into the woods, heading towards a mountain stream. There are numerous powerful swimming gaps that one can invest energy at.

Bamboo Rafting

Enjoy bamboo boating in Kuruva Island or Pozhuthana River in Kerala; Embark on the stream boating knowledge on a bamboo pontoon in the waters of Pozhuthana River in Kerala. Amid the boating knowledge, you can even attempt your hands in controlling the bamboo pontoon with the assistance of the boatman.

Treehouse stay

The Tree hut, built at a height of 50ft from the ground, holds within all the charm of a forest dwelling, irreplaceable in this fast-paced mechanical world. A well-earned slumber awaits you in the cradle of Treetops. These Tree houses are Thrilling, intimate, adventurous and dreamy to everyone.

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Historical places in Wayanad

Thirunelli Temple

It is found thirty km North West of Mananthavadi in the Wayanad locale, Thirunelli Temple is known as the “Kashi of South”. Situated in the Brahmagiri slopes, It is encompassed by the sputtering stream Papanasini. It is an antiquated Vishnu Temple that radiates peace and quiet. The Thirunelli Temple is determined by the dark green Brahmagiri valley near the Papanasini mountain spring that is accepted to effectively affect the human framework. This sanctuary sprouts to life amid sanctuary celebrations, for example, Chuttuvilakku, Puthari, Sivarathri, Sreekrishnajayanti and Navarathri.

A magnificent case of antiquated sanctuary engineering, Thirunelli Temple is worked of extensive bits of square stone chunks that have been cut and etched to flawlessness. The floor of the Thirunelli Temple is made with huge stone squares. Meet local people and tune in to intriguing myths related to the Thirunelli Temple in Wayanad. Sanctuary chimes in a state of harmony with mountain streams influence profound music as you to reflect on the Thirunelli Temple premises amidst Wayanad backwoods. Lovers trust that heavenly dunks in the Papanasini mountain spring near Thirunelli Temple wash away your transgressions. As per prominent legend, the Thirunelli Temple in Wayanad was developed by the maker Lord Brahma himself and committed to the love of Lord Vishnu. Alluded to as Thekkan Kasi, the Thirunelli Temple in Wayanad, is a celebrated journey focus.

Jain Temple

A striking Jain sanctuary, dedicated to Ananthanatha Swami symbolizes one of the holy people having a place with the Jain confidence is found only six km

from Kalpetta. This sanctuary is in the Wayanad region and is by and large known as Tippu’s stronghold. This is perceived as Tippu’s fortification on the grounds that Tippu utilized this place for putting away ammo. Subsequently, it picks up the name sultans battery.

This is accepted to have built amid the thirteenth century and filled in as a fundamental community for beneficial exercises. It is 24 km for Kalpetta, and now the shocking columns are relatively demolished yet pass on a quality of mystery. This is accepted to be the main fortress in Wayanad.

Edakkal Caves

I was more amped up for going by the Edakkal Caves and the Kuruvadeep island. Right off the bat, Edakkal originates from

‘Idai Kal’, which in Tamil means ‘In Between Stone’. The hypothesis is that, antiquated Tamil individuals of the age 500 BC were living in these caverns which was shaped because of the one shake that is stuck between two precipices leaving a huge space beneath it.

somebody exceptionally inspired by history, I was anxious to go there and look at the place for myself. The course to the Edakkal hollows was a decent one hour drive from Bathery . my sibling was sufficiently benevolent to drop us close to the passage of the pathway twisting upwards to the Edakkal hollows. While we went up however, we understood that it was as yet a lofty climb. The pathway was no less than 3 kilometers before we achieved the real surrender passage and the greater part of the young men had become tired by at that point.

I had discovered the perfect model to enhance my photography abilities: he would stance and I would snap, in the process continue figuring out how to take better pics. In any case, the issue was this was obviously pissing every other person off. We were simply not keeping pace with the others. After the Monk heaved a couple of swearwords at us, we unobtrusively took after whatever remains of the pack.

At last when we achieved the passage for the caverns, the vast majority of the folks were worn out and depleted.While they sat over to rest with a container of water close to the passageway, I could take note of that the passageway to the hollows was exceptionally well made and it looked as a quite cool setting.

There are a ton of rocks that have been sliced to frame staircases and there are some dubious pathways. Try not to take the elderly or those with low stamina to this place, they may discover it a dreary climb. There are additionally some extremely limit ventures to move without any railings, so it is prudent to be watchful here.

In the wake of moving for around twenty minutes there was a lofty stair way which prompt some amazing perspectives from the best.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t as colossal as it’s development, the place was extremely all around kept up and the legislature named manage clarified us compassionately about the importance of the place. It appears the place was occupied by Tamils approximately 2500 years back and they had cut a few engravings including those of the sun, individuals and devices. There was likewise an entrancing engraving beginning with “Pala puli..” written in Tamil on the divider. The guide revealed to us that it was about a man called ‘Nandhu’ who had executed numerous tigers and had them as nourishment in the caverns.

While it sounded intriguing, I had thought that it was difficult to trust that the content would really be 2500 years of age, since around then, adjusted Tamil letter sets were utilized and the words utilized here look more like the contemporary Tamil, that is directly utilized. Anyway, was the guide off-base? I don’t have a clue. Would be extraordinary on the off chance that somebody could clarify.

Kaduva Kuzhi

Kaduva Kuzhi is a cave that lies near Edakkal Cave, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wayanad district. Kaduva Kuzhi is yet to become a popular destination and tourists usually miss out visiting here while in Wayanad. As I reached Chingeri intersection, I saw a sign board with direction by the tourist department. The road to Kaduva Kuzhi begins here. The road is difficult to travel as it has many rocks and mounts on the way. As I rode

through this road, I saw a Eucalyptus plantation farm. I parked my vehicle here and started walking, breathing in the aroma of Eucalyptus and stroking the green grass along the path. Soon it was noon when I finally climbed up the Kadinappara. I spent some time there gazing at the mountains and the distant view of Karapuzha Dam far way. As you enter the Kaduva Kuzhi cave, the only thing that accompany you is darkness and cold. As you move forward, the silence is broken by the piercing voice of crickets and bats that fly away suddenly scaring you. Many of the passages inside has been blocked by mud falling down. As I slowly climbed down, I reached a small yet beautiful pool of water. You need an oxygen kit and a professional guide to enter deep inside the cave so that you can view and experience the dark and mysterious beauty of Kaduva Kuzhi. It is said that leopards (known as kaduva) used to visit this cave when it was extremely hot outside during summer season. This is why it came to be known as ‘Kaduva Kuzhi’. The total length of the cave is about 800 feet moving in several directions.

Kabini River

The Kabani, likewise called Kabini or Kapila, is one of the significant tributaries of the stream Cauvery in southern India. It starts in the Wayanad District of Kerala state by the intersection of the Panamaram River and the Mananthavady River. It streams eastbound to join the Kaveri River at Tirumakudalu Narasipura in Karnataka.

Near the town of Sargur it shapes the tremendous Kabini Reservoir.The backwaters of the Kabini store are extremely rich in natural life particularly in summer when the water level retreats to frame rich lush knolls. The Kabini dam is  696 m

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long with a unique gross stockpiling. The Kabini Dam is arranged between towns Bichanahalli and Bidarahalli having separation of 17 km  far from Sargur town in Heggadadevana kote taluk, Mysore locale, Karnataka.

The Kabini Forest Reserve is a standout amongst the most famous natural life goals of Karnataka, likely as a result of its availability, rich green scene encompassing a substantial lake, and sightings of crowds of elephants, tigers. It is 80 km  far from Mysuru and 205 km from Bengaluru, and includes the south-eastern piece of Nagarahole National Park. Arranged on the banks of the Kabini River, the hold is spread more than 55 sections of land  of forestland, soak valleys, and water bodies. Once a private chasing hotel of the Maharaja of Mysore, Kabini was a prominent shikar hotspot for British Viceroys and Indian sovereignty. Presently it is thought to be a standout amongst other Wildlife National Parks in India, well known for its breathtaking untamed life and winged animal life.

Best Trekking places in wayanad


As we as a whole know, Wayanad is a place with boundless alternatives to make each sort of its guests glad. Trekking in Wayanad is the best alternative to appreciate the wild and the uneven locales in the Western Ghats. The quiet trails of the trekking zones in Wayanad would amaze any heart without a doubt. There are the natural life havens, mountains and pinnacles, sanctuaries, timberland ranges, waterfalls .

Here is a list of some of the best trekking spots in the scenic Wayanad that would invite you to enjoy the beauty of a splendid nature without any hindrances. Chembra Peak Trek, Pakshpathalam Trek, Banasura Hills Trek, Tusharagiri Trek and Brahmagiri Trek are the most wanted trekking trips in this region offering the perfect blend of lush greenery and other factors.

Along with the popular treks in Wayanad, people take the opportunity to do camping, cycling, sightseeing, rappelling, boating etc since the district is filled with options for all these activities. The natural as well as artificial attractions located very close to each other make Wayanad a favourite adventure destination for people from all over the world.

Especially, those who are trying to escape from the clutches of the fast-paced city life will be looking forward to having a splendid time amidst the unforgettable natural attractions and they blindly choose Wayanad. Bangaloreans, Chennaites etc are the major tourist sects from the metro cities coming to Wayanad every weekend or for short holidays.


Situated at a separation of 1,740 kms over the ocean level and is one among the testing spots for sightseers crosswise over Wayanad who are searching for some experience and fun. You will be met with profound hollows, thick shake pieces and wild backwoods amid the trek. You can achieve the best in the wake of voyaging 16 kms. The Brahmagiri slopes are situated close to Pakshipathalam and are a standout amongst the most fascinating spots to visit. The atmosphere is direct and the best season for trekking is from November to April.


Banasura sagar dam

You will trek crosswise over to achieve Banasura Hill, which is the second most noteworthy mountain in Wayanad. The trekking course is very spiritualist and somewhat hard to trek through. It is situated at a rise of 6,801 feet. The slope gets its name from the legendary character Banasura. On your trek you will be met with knee high weeds, soak slants and shakes that piece the way. When you achieve the best you will be astonished at seeing the Banasura sagar dam and the spiritualist mountains where it counts. October to May is the best time to visit

Tourist places in Wayanad

While a great deal of you are hunting down Wayanad visitor puts, how about we make this less demanding for you with our stunning rundown of spots to visit in Wayanad. Wayanad is arranged on the edge of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The entire zone is thoroughly green with slanting scopes and regular life joining Tholpetty in the North, Muthanga in the east outlining with Tamil Nadu, Kalpetta in the south, Mananthvadi in the north-west and Sultan Bathery in the east.

Best places in Wayanad

  • Chembra peak
  • Pookode Lake
  • Kuruva Island
  • Pazhassi Tomb
  • Banasura Sagar Dam, Kalpetta
  • Edakkal Caves
  • Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary
  • chain tree vythiri
  • Jain Temple, Sulthan Battery
  • Soochipara Falls, Kalpetta
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
  • Neelimala View Point
  • Lakkidi View point
  • Meenmutty Waterfalls
  • Thirunelli Temple, Thirunelli

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Chembra Peak

This was additionally moved toward a short notice at an end of the week. Following a feverish day in office, I got out by 6.30 and went to a room. I have perused a few online journals on treks to Chembra and had an unclear thought headed for cover. Subsequent to achieving room I had a power shower and gathered by a sack. It was at that point 7.00 pm and I knew I was late

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Preparing by 6 am I looked at and boarded a transport to Kalpetta from where I knew I could go to Meppadi and after that to Chembra. Kalpetta to Meppadi is barely 45 minutes travel and from Meppadi we have to get an auto to come to the chembra woodland division office from where the passes are gotten alongside a going with direct. The trekking consent cost me Rs 500 and another 50 Rs for a camera. Presently a days Chembra trekking is permitted just till the heart moulded lake which is right around 600 foot underneath the best. I got some information about any odds of going ahead to the best, however, the authorities were exceptionally specific in turning the “NO” word all over denying my demand. In spite of the fact that it was permitted before the course is shut for the recent year. They created two stories for denying consent ( I don’t have the foggiest idea about any of it is valid). One was the risk of Maoist activists and besides for the nearness of the fowl named Swift which is considered as a terminated species. The winged animal lives and breeds just in high elevation and the highest point of Chembra are thought to be one such point where these feathered creatures are seen. Numerous other productive trekking goals in Wayanad is shut now for the Maoist locating. Pakshipathalam and Banasura slopes likewise have same sort of issues however they have saved the winged creature story for those two spots.


Vincent chettan was appointed to me as the guide. A lean man of 5.4 might be. Yet, was well disposed of the earliest starting point. He could talk numerous dialects and was a qualified nearby guide. Taking consent from the workplace we pushed ahead there is not really 400 meters from the workplace where we have to take a preoccupation with the trekking trail.

From the earliest starting point of this trail itself, the rise is steep and the rock makes it minimal more strenuous to cover. As the climb was extremely steep we were accomplishing a ton of tallness in the blink of an eye and I could feel the atmosphere evolving.

It began showering at that point and the fog was thick to the point that we were not able to see anything before us. We enjoyed a little reprieve for breath. I was truly heaving for breath as we took scarcely any breaks in the middle. Yet, the cool fog and delicate shower smoothened me and depleted out my exhaustion quick. I could hear noisy clamours of individuals drawing closer down the slope and Vincent chettan said it is of an understudy gather remaining in the quarters. From the extremely solid of them, I could make sense of it is a substantial gathering of individuals and as I didn’t have any desire to be a piece of the gathering I chose to move quick.

In any case, shockingly see was getting cleared and the lake gradually cleared and began giving the view. Presently I could show signs of improvement perspective of the heart state of the lake and I figured out how to get a few snaps. It was getting cleared as time passed and we sat tight nearly for 1 hour however it was worth holding up to see the powerful Peak from that position. Fog and mists gradually cleared to give a stunning perspective of the pinnacle. I profoundly lamented that I couldn’t climb the Mighty structure. From the sight itself, it was clear that the climb to the best will be a strenuous one which each explorer would love to take. It was devoured to the eyes to see rich greenery and a fabulous rise of the pinnacle.


In the wake of taking some more pictures, we chose to turn back. Strolling back to the returning trail I thought back and saw the Mighty pinnacle grinning at me. I chose that second that if by chance this trek revives whenever I will return to venture over it. Chembra top should be 2100 meters(6900 foot) above ocean level and there are some opposing references likewise in google that it is just 1850 mtrs. Despite the fact that we could climb just up to 6100 mtrs as rising to the best station is illegal at this point. In spite of the fact that there are slopes which are higher than Chembra in Kerala the height of the top towards the best most point makes it one of the hardest climbs in the Western Ghats. I felt extremely sad for not getting an opportunity to get the best. In the event that I made it no less than 2 years back, I could get the best and that would have been a genuine accomplishment. Subsequent to seeing the height of the crest in photos and in genuine any climber couldn’t avoid themselves from abandoning it unconquered. Such a stunner it is.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb

The Pazhassi Tomb is the place thousands routinely pays respect to the well-known Lion of Kerala, Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. It is a most important historical place in Wayanad.The tomb was developed in where his body was incinerated and is arranged on the banks of River Kabani in Mananthavady. In 1996 March this tomb has been changed over to the exhibition hall and today the gallery is one of the focuses in the State which draws in antiquarians, specialists and understudies from distant locations abroad. The exhibition hall additionally contains Pazhassi Raja’s sword and other data about the social history of Kerala.

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Pazhassi Raja, a wild King, is among a couple of pioneers in the Indian sub-mainland to ever score a military triumph over the British. He is associated with his adoration and undying dependability towards his subjects till the very end. The Pulpally Cave was the place Pazhassi took asylum until the point when he was caught by the British.

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Pazhassi Raja was a King as well as one of the most intrepid opportunity contenders for India. He administered this town when India was under the fear of British. He assumed a gigantic part in the clash of Independence. The King was known for his boldness and exemplary nature among the general population of Wayanad. He was the person who thought of guerrilla fighting against British in a gallant way. Amid this war, which went on for a long time, Pazhassi Raja yielded his life for his nation on 30th November 1805 of every a firearm battle at Mavila Todu.

The tomb was raised to pay tribute to this overcome progressive, who lost his life for the welfare of the nation. Vacationers moving toward Wayanad should result in these present circumstances place and pay praise to the colossal Indian warrior, renowned as the Lion of Kerala.

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KURUVA DWEEP [Kuruva Island]

Kuruva Dweep  [Kuruva Island ] is a famous tourist place in Wayanad district. This place is known for the beauty adventures side. it. This island is a group of Seven Islands and its spread over 950 acres of evergreen forests.  After talking entry ticket I went inside and they asked to wait for the raft which was made with bamboos. They are not allowed to carry any plastic items inside the forest because; they are promoting eco-tourism. To enter the main area of the island, first we should cross a wide stream of the river and we have to walk almost one kilometre through the forest area. I took a walk in the forest. We can find unusually shaped trees on the way. This dweep is isolated from the main city. But arrays of uncommon species of birds, herbs orchids are the monarchs of this dweep. There are lots of bamboos on both the side of the river.

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It was a really nice walk through the forest away from the sound and noise of the city. These geographical specialities make this place very calm and the forests are always evergreen.   A perfect destination for those wants to have a lazy walk through the river. At least three hours is needed to cover at least one island. This island is 15 km away from Manathavady, 58kms from Sulthan Bathery. There are seven islands are there and we have to cross them one by one through the running water. It is not that much easy to cross the river with forceful water and the stones under water were slippery. It is a very adventurous and happiest moments.

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  • Keep extra dress with you.
  • It is better to carry foods because there are not many hotels available near Islands.
  • Do not carry any plastic items.
  • Use life jackets while crossing the river.